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    As a high-class provider of robot technology solutions for special industries in China, Yijiahe adheres to the core development strategy of technological innovation and is committed to the research, development, manufacturing and promotion of intelligent robots. In response to the characteristics of various industries, Yijiahe provides a variety of intelligent robot products based on intelligent robots as a platform, combining Internet of Things, big data, artificial intelligence and other technologies, thus promoting the digital and intelligent development of each industry.

  • Combining the rehabilitation medicine and robot technologies, Yijiahe offers intelligent nursing and intelligent recovery solutions for the medicine industry, boosting the rapid development and transformation of the medicine industry.
  • With the application of AI, intelligent robot and Internet of Things technologies, the integrated solutions of Yijiahe for the civil engineering and firefighting industry can provide powerful support for the rescue and relief work in special environments, offer convenient, reliable and efficient management means for the civil engineering and firefighting management, and thus help to improve the economic and social benefits.
  • As a high-class integrated robot solution provider for the electric power industry in China, Yijiahe offers intelligent robot solutions covering such scenes as power transmission, power transformation, power distribution and underground pipeline based on the features of this industry.
  • The integrated solutions of Yijiahe for intelligent warehousing could realize standard warehouse management, automatic and intelligent operations and thus maximization of benefits through the “service + product” integrated intelligent project, thus improving the overall efficiency of the supply chain continuously.
  • The intelligent robot solutions of Yijiahe for the petroleum and petrochemical industry take the intelligent inspection robot as the core supplemented by auxiliary detection equipment, and offer an intelligent management and control of the petroleum and petrochemical equipment and environment through the real-time monitoring platform and the technologies of big data and the Internet of Things.
  • The customized and diversified intelligent robot solutions of Yijiahe can be widely applied in the scenarios such as hotel, restaurant, exhibition and tourist attractions. They provide better service experience for users, differentiated marketing points for merchants, and thus support the consumption upgrading of the service industry.
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    Intelligent Operation and Maintenance Service

    Yijiahe is also devoted to providing intelligent operation and maintenance service for electric power, medicine, warehouse logistics, petroleum and petrochemical, and civil engineering and firefighting industries. Taking advantage of the big data platform and the Internet of Things, our services helps status detection and evaluation for industrial equipment, fault early warning, operation and maintenance and other functions, thus supporting the enterprise’s safe and lean production.

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