• Outdoor live working Robots
  • Outdoor intelligent inspection
  • Indoor intelligent inspection
  • Tunnel intelligent inspection
  • Intelligent inspection UAV
  • Intelligent storage
  • Conveying AGV
  • Oil Well Inspection
  • Oil Pipeline Detection
  • Unmanned Gas Station
  • For Restaurant, Supermarket
  • IDC Intelligent Inspection
  • Intelligent Maintenance
  • Service & Support
  • Talent Strategy
  • Investor Services
  • Yijiahe Technology Co., Ltd.Stock code :603666

    Founded in 1999 and headquartered in China (Nanjing) Software Valley, Yijiahe Technology Co., Ltd. (“Yijiahe”) is committed to the development, manufacturing, promotion, and application of intelligent robots for power, petrochemical, municipal, energy, health, community, manufacturing and other industries. Our internationally high-class intelligent robot technologies and products have allowed us to provide customers with a wide range of intelligent products, services and system solutions.

    On 12th June 2018, Yijiahe (Stock Abbreviation: Yijiahe, Stock code: 603666) started public listing in A-share main board of Shanghai stock exchange which marks the company’s development into a new historical stage.

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