• Outdoor live working Robots
  • Outdoor intelligent inspection
  • Indoor intelligent inspection
  • Tunnel intelligent inspection
  • Intelligent inspection UAV
  • Intelligent storage
  • Conveying AGV
  • Oil Well Inspection
  • Oil Pipeline Detection
  • Unmanned Gas Station
  • For Restaurant, Supermarket
  • IDC Intelligent Inspection
  • Intelligent Maintenance
  • Service & Support
  • Talent Strategy
  • Investor Services
  • Functions
  • Remote monitoring
  • Activity assistance
  • Obstacle avoidance and autonomous navigation
  • Order signal conveying
  • Environment monitoring
  • Features

    Integrated video/ voice/ visible light camera and multi-sensor

    Simple work assistance (medicine administration reminding/sending service)

    Support complex work (carry the aged on the back or take the aged in the arms)

    Intelligent daily schedule reminding service

    Online health management

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