• Outdoor live working Robots
  • Outdoor intelligent inspection
  • Indoor intelligent inspection
  • Tunnel intelligent inspection
  • Intelligent inspection UAV
  • Intelligent storage
  • Conveying AGV
  • Oil Well Inspection
  • Oil Pipeline Detection
  • Unmanned Gas Station
  • For Restaurant, Supermarket
  • IDC Intelligent Inspection
  • Intelligent Maintenance
  • Service & Support
  • Talent Strategy
  • Investor Services
  • Functions
  • Meter identification
  • Image capture
  • Environment monitoring
  • Security alarm
  • Emergency call
  • Features

    Monitoring and early warning:
    Environment detection, firefighting early warning, video surveillance, emergency call, etc. in the tunnel.

    Infrared intelligent extraction technology:
    The infrared sensors perform online temperature measurement.

    Environment detecting technology:
    Gas, temperature and humidity sensors.

    Image processing technology:
    The video sensors capture online image.

    Integrated control system:
    The distributed equipment and inspection machines in the tunnel are linked together to form an integrated control system.

    Inspection tour and security protection:
    Regular and fixed-point inspection tour and security protection of different tasks, monitor and detect key parts and key equipment.

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