• Outdoor live working Robots
  • Outdoor intelligent inspection
  • Indoor intelligent inspection
  • Tunnel intelligent inspection
  • Intelligent inspection UAV
  • Intelligent storage
  • Conveying AGV
  • Oil Well Inspection
  • Oil Pipeline Detection
  • Unmanned Gas Station
  • For Restaurant, Supermarket
  • IDC Intelligent Inspection
  • Intelligent Maintenance
  • Service & Support
  • Talent Strategy
  • Investor Services
  • Talent Strategy

    Yijiahe regards talents as an important capital for the development of the company, and advocates the talent value proposition of “having both ability and political integrity, honesty, and use of energy, high efficiency and high salary”. For the understanding of virtue, we believe that integrity, pragmatism, sunshine, and frankness are the most important.

    Please send your resume to: hr@yijiahe.com

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